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Opening Jammed Car Trunk Experts

A jammed car trunk can be quite annoying. It will usually happen at the worst possible time. Sure, you can put all your groceries and luggage at the back sit on your children’s lap but how long will that last without any complaining? Do not worry, though, there are a few tricks you can try doing yourself in order to open the once jammed car trunk.

First thing’s first: what can cause the car trunk to jam?

In one word: moisture. If you are keeping your car outdoor as opposed to a garage, the latch’s mechanism may rust or get filed with dirt. That will affect the trunk’s ability to open or close properly. In addition, due to lack of maintenance or to sheer old age, some parts of the mechanism can get loose or broken. Sustaining damage due to an accident can also cause a jammed car trunk.

How can you unjam your trunk?

First of all, try all conventional means to open the trunk. Try the remote control, the release button inside the car, or try to manually open the trunk with the trunk’s keys. If all fails you can try using a flash light, a screw driver, and lubricating oil. Get into the car, fold the back seats, and crawl into the trunk. Now, try seeing if you can locate the causes of the jam.

See if there are any broken components within the lock mechanism. Clean the it and  lubricate its parts. Also, try to push the emergency release. You can try to open the trunk with the screwdriver, inserting it at the lowest part of the mechanism and moving it until you feel it push an inside part, which will open the trunk.

What can In & Out Locksmith do?

If you have tried everything and the trunk refuses to cooperate, or if you do not feel up for the task, our expert technicians will gladly assist you! Swiftly arriving at your whereabouts, coming fully equipped and ready to get busy, our technicians will expertly and quickly resolve the problem.

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