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Here Are The Things You Need to Know in Order to Repair a Door Lock

Most door locks are quite reliable and work well for many years. However, as with all mechanical things, door locks too may malfunction, gunk or corrosion may make them hard to operate, things may become unaligned, a door lock may become completely stuck, the key may break while inserted into it etc.
If you encounter any such problems with a lock on any type of door there are things you can do in order to try and remedy the situation before deciding to call in a professional locksmith. Here are some pointers as to how to repair a door lock by yourself.

  1. Lubrication

    • If a door lock jams or is hard to operate it may be that it just needs some lubricating. Use high quality oil sprays and/or graphite powder to reduce friction.
    • It is a good idea to clean the lock before applying lubrication. Some oil sprays may be affective for cleaning as well as lubricating, all at once.
  2. Alignment Issues

    • Over time doors may lose their alignment with the door frame or the lock itself may move slightly within the door. Check to see it this is the reason the lock in question is malfunctioning.
    • If it’s possible get things aligned properly again. It may very well be that just tightening a few bolts will do the trick.
    • If you cannot realign the door and/or lock perhaps shaving some wood off the door or door frame will do the trick. Sometimes you can use a file to enlarge the slot intended for the door lock’s latch.
  3. Extracting a Broken Key

    • If you want to extract a broken key that’s stuck in a door lock you will need a key extractor, you can buy them online or at hardware stores.
    • Using a key extractor is somewhat tricky but if you follow the instructions that come with it and try for long enough most times you will ultimately succeed in extracting a key that broke while inserted in a door lock.
  4. Replacing a Door Lock

    Most door locks are of the mortise door lock type. Replacing cylinders on such locks is not difficult, if you have minimal handyman tendencies you may very well be able to do this yourself.

    • Remove the door handles.
    • Undo the screw holding the cylinder in place.
    • Twist the key in the lock until you can pull the cylinder out.
    • Fit the new cylinder in, screw in the fixing screw and make sure the new cylinder operates the latch properly.

As you can see there is a lot you can try so far as repairing a door lock by your self is concerned. However, it is important to remember that locks are fine tuned mechanisms and must be treated as such if you want to avoid the risk of causing them further damage

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