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How to choose a safe for the office

If you’re contemplating purchasing a new safe for your office but you’re overwhelmed by the number and specifications of safes on the market, why not let In & Out Locksmith and their network of licensed affiliates provide you with some handy tips?

  • Burglary proofing

First and foremost, your office safe needs to be burglar-proof. This means a secure fitting in a concealed location. Don’t leave a loose safe on a shelf. Bolt it to the floor in a concealed place. Be sure to check the safe you’re thinking about purchasing has this capability.

  • Fireproofing

If you’re planning on storing important documents and files, cash or anything else made of paper, you’ll need to ensure your safe is fireproof. Regular safes tend not to be, so make sure you choose a fireproof safe.

  • Waterproofing

If your office is based on a floodplain, near water or in an area of high precipitation, choosing a waterproof safe isn’t a bad idea.

  • Digital & media storage

If you’re planning on storing computer hardware or electronics, especially computer hard drives, it’s worth investing in what’s known as a media safe. These are specially designed to ensure water will not ruin your electronics.

  • Locking mechanisms

In today’s high-tech world, safes use all manner of unique locking/opening mechanisms. From traditional combination dials and digital keypads to biometric locks and timed release mechanisms, protecting your safe is easier than ever to do. It’s worth investigating which type of mechanism best suits your purpose.

  • Employee access

In an ideal world, only one person would have access to your office safe. In reality, a vacation or sick day quickly proves how flawed this process is. If your safe will need to be accessed by multiple persons, you should give thought to how this should be done. If it’s a case that cash or documents simply need to be inserted every day, a safe with a postal slot (yes, these exist) could be just the job.

Ultimately, the key to buying the right safe for your office is taking the time to properly contemplate exactly what your requirements are.

To find out more about which safe would be best for your office, contact In &Out Locksmith and their network of licensed affiliates experts. With years of experience installing and opening safes across Dallas, we’re more than qualified to help you out.

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