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Common Car Alarms in Use

As time goes by we become increasingly more dependent of our cars. Getting to and from work, getting to the doctor’s office, and generally getting around, is extremely easier when you have your own car. Unfortunately, cars are also coveted by car thieves. Due to their importance on the one hand, and the fact that they are lucrative in the eyes of burglars on the other hand, means of protecting such prized possessions have been developed. One of the most effective and most commonly known and used methods is the car alarm, which calls for attention when your car is being mishandled, lets you know what’s going on, and scares off burglars.

common car alarms in use

    As many Dallas car owners know, there are many car alarm types out there. Here are a few of the most commonly used:

  • Number 5 – Pyle: Pyle is a great security system with many features that will help you protect your car. One of its neatest features is the remote start option which lets you start your car’s engine from afar. On the downside customers complain about remote controls that don’t work as well as they should and about radio interference which damages the customer experience.
  • Number 4 – Crime Stopper: Crime Stopper has a high aiming name, but it actually does quite a good job living up to it. The system offers a wide selection of features and the remote includes an animated LCD display that accurately depicts the current condition of the car and that lets you know what’s happening. If your car is being broken into, you’ll know it right away.
  • Number 3 – Avital: Avital is one of the greatest security systems out there. It offers numerous great features such as remote start, starter kill, keyless entry, and a remote equipped with a convenient and detailed LCD screen. On the downside, this system has no connectivity options to a smartphone.
  • Number 2 – Python: Python offers comprehensive protection to your car. Providing customers with a remote start option and a rechargeable remote, among many other advanced features, it’s an effective security system. However, like the Avital model, the Python also lacks smartphone connectivity capabilities.
  • Number 1 – Viper: If you’re looking for a comprehensive and reliable security system, Viper should be your choice. An LCD screen will inform you of your car’s exact condition and its other many sophisticated features, such as starter kill, remote start, and door sensors, will make sure your car stays safe.

Granted, there are many other car alarm types. However, this short list contains the most commonly used and some of the best car security systems available today.

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