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Checks You Should Make Before Driving Off

We tend to take our motorized vehicles for granted. They almost always start up easily and take us there and back with no trouble. But cars are complex machines and paying attention to a few basic things will go a long way towards avoiding mishaps in form of breakdowns or even worse, possible involvement in crashes.

  • Tires

    Before stepping into your car take a look at the tires, remember – the tires what attach your car to the road. If one or more of the tires look like they may need filling you should take the time to do so as soon as possible. Inadequate air pressure in your car’s tires greatly reduce their grip, lengthen braking distances and also wear them out quicker.

    You should also make sure your tires are in good condition. As a rule of thumb tires should be changed every four years even if they still do not look worn out. If a tire has any bulges or cracks showing it must be changed immediately.

  • Engine, Gas and Brakes

    In order to keep your car running smoothly you should make sure to have it routinely serviced as per it’s manufacturer’s instructions. Check the odometer to see if a visit to the mechanics is due. Cars have warning lights indicating problems such as insufficient oil pressure, a problem with the brakes, the electric system etc. Before starting the engine make sure all these warning lights are on, once the engine is started they should all switch off. In order to avoid running out of gas midway take a look at the fuel gage, make a mental note as to where and when you plan to fill up.

  • Lights and Wind Shield Wipers

    Especially if you’re going to be driving after dark make sure all of your car’s lights work. Windshield wipers may become necessary not only when it’s raining but also to clean off dust and dirt, so make sure they are in good enough shape and that there’s enough windshield washing fluid.

  • Car License and Auto Insurance

    It is important that you keep things on the up and up. It’s a bad idea to drive a car with an expired license or without an appropriate insurance policy. Make sure both these things are in order and that you know where the paper work is at in case you need it. If you use spectacles, make sure you have a pair with you.

Finally, see to it that you’ve taken all you need, it’s very frustrating to arrive at the airport only to realize you’ve forgotten your passport, to a business meeting without you laptop etc.

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